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Hey, do you wanna help people around the world whenever and wherever you want ?? Do you wanna be sure that your help is received and that you can also get help easily ?? Are you searching for a platform where you will not spend money and time for nothing ?? Stop searching !! Royce funds is here for you . Royce funds is a public benefit corporation founded by Royce group. We are a UK based company, and our mission is to bring help to the people, and by the people. Our company is the first company who used smart contract based crowdfunding platform, we are using this technology for one and unique reason, no manipulation is possible by our company, people who give help and people who receive it can see the transactions in our system wherever they want. We are different from other companies in our niche because Royce funds is using the best affiliate module to stimulate people to give help, and with the same module, we are able to give and distribute 100% money in the payout, all this thanks to the smart contract we are using. Royce funds is the first contract based company which attached bank deposits to smart contracts, all this just to make it easier for you. We don't have any requirements, all we need is your phone number and your email, that's it. You can register now on roycefunds.io, and make your first deposit starting at 35$ to activate your account and start earn millions dollar, and there's many ways to pay, we accept bank deposits and ethereum, and we guarantee that there's no easier way to bring help to people around the world, without leaving home. It's time to be together, and to help each other to end poverty, and to not leaving any kid hungry anymore, and all this can be realized if we worked together. So what are you waiting for, sign up in roycefunds.io, and for more informations, contact us by the chat support provided in the website, our WhatsApp number or our email, and always remember: We need each other, and we are are born to give !

Health Benefits

Contribute for giving Medicine for poor people.

Home For Homeless

Those people in need home, We stand besides them.

Other Cause

Nonprofits around the world and join Royce Finance Limited to access more funding.

Inner Satisfaction

Inner satisfaction is found when a person is aware of his subconscious level.

Gift Cards

Reward your employees and thank your best clients or vendors with the gift of choice.

Educational Services

People say poverty is the spawn of illiteracy. Help us in eradicating it by educating the poor.

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It's a Big Fund Organisation

Welcome to the Royce Finance Limited Welfare community! We're so glad you're here. We want you to know we're committed to building a thriving network of partners in changing the world, and we're committed to your success. To prove it, we're sharing five promises to you.

There are multiple ways you can help others to change their lives

  • Start a workplace campaign
  • Youth involvement
  • Become a Volunteer
  • Become a partner
  • Representative Program

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